Politician who asked for EU's help: BiH cannot be treated as desert island

NEWS 02.03.2021 11:11
Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be treated as a desert island in the ongoing vaccination throughout Europe, said Bosnian Serb politician and healthcare professional Nenad Stevandic, who wrote a letter to the European Union ambassador on Monday, asking for his help in unblocking the vaccine delivery for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Immunisation in Europe makes sense only if BiH is part of it. Although BiH is not a part of the EU, it is on European soil and if there is immunisation going on in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, BiH cannot be treated as a desert island,” stressed Stevandic.

“It is a disgrace for Europe,” he added.

Stevandic addressed EU Special Representative Johann Sattler, asking him to use his status and authority and help in unblocking the vaccine delivery for Bosnia and Herzegovina, recalling that the country regularly paid in advance the vaccines that were supposed to be delivered through the COVAX system.

He also said he wrote to some EU parliamentarians, asking for the same favour.

“If I knew anyone else who could help, I would address them as well. It is crucial to vaccinate people. If we don't do that we will remain a dark hole and we will be the last ones to get out of the crisis,” Stevandic told N1.

Asked to comment on the donation of vaccines that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic delivered to BiH, he said this should be seen from the humane point of view.

“If someone throws a stone at you, throw a vaccine at them. We should focus on the pressure on EU and that's why I addressed Sattler who represents it here,” he added.


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