Polls open for repeat voting in Srebrenica and Doboj

NEWS 21.02.2021 08:32
Source: N1

Polling stations for the repeat voting opened in Srebrenica and Doboj this morning at 7 am, local electoral authorities confirmed.

Eligible residents in Srebrenica will cast their ballots at 26 polling stations. According to Ljiljana Stevanovic, the head of the Municipal Election Commission, the election process is monitored by a large number of observers and all electoral board members were present on time when the polls opened.

Head of the City Election Commission of Doboj, Nenad Paleksic, said all except two polling stations opened at 7 am, while the other two opened for voters 15 minutes later.

No accident has been reported either in Srebrenica or Doboj. The polls will close at 7 pm, when the election silence ends as well.

Eligible residents of the municipality of Srebrenica and the city of Doboj are electing their local authorities in a repeat voting that comes as a result of reported irregularities at some of the polling stations in the October 2020 local election. All appeals to the Central Election Commission's decision to call the repeat vote were rejected by the State Court so the Commission set a new date on February 21.

In accordance with the Election Law, the vote in both Doboj and Srebrenica will be done based on the same voter register and candidate slates that were used in the initial local election in October 2020.

The election will be repeated at 26 out of 28 polling stations for Srebrenica as well as 89 out of a total of 108 polling stations in Doboj.


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