Presidency chair: Bosnia worried about Serbia's armament, Croatia's statements

NEWS 12.05.2022 11:15
Source: Šefik Džaferović (N1)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency chairman Sefik Dzaverovic told the UN Security Council on Wednesday that BiH was worried about the behaviour of its neighbours because of Serbia's accelerated armament and Croatia's unacceptable interference in changes to BiH's election law.

BiH is faced with problems which, to the largest extent, are caused by the secessionist politics of the Serb entity's authorities, he said, adding that over the past months attempts have been made to demolish everything that has been achieved in building the state since 1995.

Because of its particular structure and problems, BiH does not have the mechanisms to prevent secession, so it needs the international community's assistance.

That's why it's important that the Office of the High Representative (OHR) does its job as mandated, Dzaverovic said, adding that it is also necessary to extend the mandate of EUFOR, which expires in September.

He said BiH wanted good relations with the neighbours based on mutual respect, and to solve outstanding issues by agreement or via the appropriate institutions.

Although as a state we don't threaten anyone, we are worried about the signals from the neighbourhood, especially Serbia's accelerated armament, as well as the inclusion of the Bosnian Serb entity in Serbia's national defence strategy.

Dzaverovic said there was a similar concern about Croatia's actions with regard to changes to BiH's election law, notably President Zoran Milanovic's statements.

Especially worrying is his support for a unilateral change of the Dayton peace agreement by establishing a third entity in BiH as well as the fact that he is willing to make NATO enlargement conditional on changes to BiH's election law, he added.

We expect Croatia not to interfere in how we will regulate our electoral system, he said.

Dzaverovic also said that the Croat ministers in the BiH government obstructed the adoption of decisions important for financing elections and called on the OHR to react.


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