Presidency Chairman: BiH still not the country its army members fought for

NEWS 14.04.2022 14:23
Source: F.Z./N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina is still not the country that its army members fought for but if it was not for them, there would have been no Bosnia and Herzegovina at all today, Presidency Chairman Sefik Dzaferovic said on Thursday on the occasion of the Day of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dzaferovic said that what is about to follow is a “fall of retrograde forces” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who pursued the secession and further divisions.

“The time has come for those forces to start falling down,” he stressed.

Asked to comment on the situation with the Law on Immovable Property, which the international peace envoy Christian Schmidt suspended using his special competencies but Serb member of Bosnian Presidency still claims will be put into effect, Dzaferovic said that Schmidt's decision is the only that matters.

According to him, Dodik has lost his way and as the time passes by his behaviour is becoming more and more ”unbalanced.”

“The High Representative passed a decision and that's a law in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the only one that is valid,” Dzaferovic underlined.

He also said there was a “spectrum of potential negative consequences” for those who might follow Dodik in his “mad anti-state endeavour.”


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