Presidency Chairman slams Dodik's latest statement on transfer of competencies

NEWS 18.04.2022 13:44
Source: Predsjedništvo BiH

Announcement by Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik that he would only postpone the transfer of competencies from the state to entity level in sectors of defence and military means another “inflammatory move” that destabilises the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Presidency Chairman Sefik Dzaferovic.

“The only path that would secure stability and cement peace is Dodik withdrawing all moves that he had taken against the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dayton Peace Agreement and 27 years of its implementation,” said Dzaferovic.

The statement comes after Dodik's interview with Serbian daily Politika, in which he explained that Bosnia's Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska, would postpone the decision passed in its parliament last year concerning the transfer of competencies from the central state government onto the entity level.

“Germany wants us to annul the conclusions we passed, which refer to the suspension of competencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina such as (in sectors of) military, indirect taxation, because they know that having such document means an obligation for us which we will implement,” said Dodik, referring to the conclusions passed in the Republika Srpska National Assembly in December that were supposed to be implemented within six months after the adoption.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine changed many things and it is only logical to postpone the implementation for another six months “due to new circumstances.”

“We don't rush anywhere, but I can say that all documents were done and prepared,” said Dodik, the leader of the strongest party in Republika Srpska, the SNSD.

His colleague in the State Presidency, Bosniak member Dzaferovic, reiterated that an entity cannot take over the state competencies, not now not in six months, and that this story should have been closed long ago.

“And it is completely clear that Dodik is raising the issue again led by dangerous intentions. Announcing the formation of unconstitutional entity army at such tense moment in Europe following the Russian invasion on Ukraine can only be done by someone who, for their own interest, is ready to undermine peace,” Dzaferovic stressed.

Republika Srpska National Assembly passed conclusions on December 10 last year towards the transfer of competencies from the state to entity level in sectors of military, judiciary and indirect taxation, and forming its own institutions.

The move was condemned by international peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who said this decision threatened the stability of the country.


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