Presidential candidate slams Israeli, Russian ambassadors’ stances on Bosnia

NEWS 10.08.2022 11:09
Source: F.Z./N1

Denis Becirovic, opposition candidate for Bosnia's tripartite Presidency and Bosnian House of Peoples delegate, said that the strategic decisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be passed in its institutions, in accordance with the interests of citizens and that new authorities will never accept the electoral reform that suits the desires of the Croat leader Dragan Covic.

Becirovic's statement comes days after the Embassy of Israel to Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed the proposal of changes to the Election Law proposed by the Bosnian Croat parties led by Covic's HDZ BiH. The embassy's statement was greeted by criticism of some officials and associations, warning that such proposal would cause further discriminations mostly of minorities.

Becirovic stressed that he was “negatively surprised” by stances of Israeli ambassador, noting that this diplomat seemed to become one of the rare ones who advocate further discrimination and segregation into the political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Electoral law reform will not be carried out to suit the desires of HDZ. Also, I call on those who perform senior state duties to not only issue statements but to do their job and act specifically to protect the state interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stressed Becirovic.

He adviced those senior officials, without naming them, to invite the non-resident ambassador of Israel lto come to Sarajevo and explain the stances from the statement mentioned above.

“Israel is a state that has been supporting sovereignty, territorial integrity, our path to EU and NATO, and was not meddling with internal affairs, and it expressed a wish for friendly relations with the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he added.

Becirovic also referred to the statements by the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, noting that “the Russian ambassador is not a person to be trusted when he says how Russia is a friendly country to Bosnia and Herzegovina, because the citizens of BiH know very well that it was Russia exactly who blocked as a permanent member state of the UN Seecurity Council the adoption of the UN resolution on genocide against the Bosniaks in Srebrenica.”

He also noted that “the Russian authorities are continuously and openly supporting destructive separatist forces in our country and all proposals that are detrimental to the democratic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Becirovic said that the Russian ambassador should know that full membership in the European Union and NATO are Bosnia's strategic goals and that he can in no way influence the committment of the Bosnian authorities.

“There is no democratic alternative to the membership of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the EU and NATO,” he underlined.


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