Pro-Bosnian parties support decision to boycott Srebrenica local elections

NEWS 18.02.2021 17:38
Source: N1

Leaders of several political parties based in Bosnia's Federation entity arrived in Srebrenica on Thursday afternoon for a meeting with representatives of the “My Address: Srebrenica” Initiative, where Alija Tabakovic, the candidate for Srebrenica Mayor, said after the meeting, the Initiative received support in boycotting the upcoming repeat elections. . He also spoke about the alleged threats from the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tabakovic pointed out that the Initiative submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Court “on the issue of an interim measure” this Thursday.

“We received the maximum support from all participants in this meeting. Let me inform you that we have submitted the application to the Constitutional Court today and that the Constitutional Court is reacting urgently regarding our interim measure. We received support in the democratic struggle for our people in Srebrenica. The elections are unfair to us because of the voters from the diaspora, and it is impossible to hold the elections. Based on the previous elections, this Initiative received the support of 90 percent of the electorate. We will fight for each of our individuals, discrimination in Srebrenica has been present for a long time,” said Tabakovic.

He then added that he would fight by all democratic means for his rights.

“We will fight by all democratic means, and we will especially fight for the rights of our returnees. This is a difficult and painful decision, but we are also aware that we can no longer endure this. We notified the Municipal Election Commission. Unfortunately, we received information that people from the CEC are calling and threatening the members of our municipal board,” he said.

The leaders of the Democratic Front (DF) Zeljko Komsic, Social Democratic Party (SDP) Nermin Niksic, People and Justice (NiP) Elemedin Konakovic, Party for BiH (SBiH) Amer Jerlagic and Democratic Action Movement (PDA9 Mirsad Kukic and the vice president of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Edin Ramic came to Srebrenica. Our Party’s (NS) secretary-general Nihad Uk and SBB political director Anis Krivic also arrived.

Dissatisfied with the CEC's decision not to repeat the local elections in full, the “My Address: Srebrenica” Initiative and candidates from pro-Bosnian lists decided on Monday to boycott the repeat elections in this east Bosnian town.


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