Professor: BiH ruling parties are in fact criminal ethno gangs

NEWS 27.04.2022 22:27
Source: N1

Bosnia’s ruling parties are criminal-ethno gangs, in reality, presenting themselves as political parties, philosophy professor Esad Bajtal told N1 Wednesday.

Asked if he could name the biggest gang in the country, he said he was not the man to speculate on such a thing but one can imagine which one is the biggest judging from the international sanctions recently imposed.

“You can see that they are too rich, that they have more than they need. It can be seen in their cars and villas. And statistics say that their citizens have the lowest purchasing power in Europe. Yet our politicians are richer than European politicians. This is about crime, political banditry, and immorality. Well-connected criminal-ethno gangs. They agree very easily. They create the illusion of agreed misunderstandings,” the professor said.

Bajtal also commented on the vital national interest of the Bosniak Caucus in the House of Peoples of BiH on the proposed changes to the Election Law that the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) proposed, that would introduce the electoral college into BiH’s system.

“(HDZ BiH Leader) Dragan Covic, (Democratic Action Party – SDA Leader) Bakir Izetbegovic, Alliance of Independent Social Democrats – SNSD Leader) Milorad Dodik are running for what they want and how many times they want it. You know, there are people at the top and in those key policies, who tell some other people that they are not people,” Bajtal explained, comparing such a phenomenon to Fascism:

“They are telling me I am not human, I have no human rights, I don’t have natural human rights. They take away what I have been given. Natural human rights have not been given, no one can take them away from you.”


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