Prosecutors form eight cases concerning Mostar election

NEWS 07.01.2021 12:54
Source: N1

The competent prosecutor's office has formed eight cases concerning the local vote in Mostar, held in December last year after a 12-year deadlock without the election in that city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), southern Bosnia and Herzegovina region with Mostar as the administrative centre, is currently investigating the allegations stated in the reports that were submitted to this institution.

The institution recalled that, according to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council – Bosnia's top judicial body, the cases concerning the election process in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a priority in work of every prosecutor's office in the country.

HNK Prosecutor's Office strongly dismissed what they called “insinuations and untruths” presented through some media outlets, about the activities in these cases being aimed against or at the expense of any ethnic group or political entity, refusing to comment them.

Local vote in Mostar took place on December 20 after 12 year-long stalemate that political leaders ended in June 2020.


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