Prosecutors raise abuse of office indictment against BiH Security Minister

NEWS 25.11.2021 15:50
Selmo Cikotić
Source: Selmo Cikotić (FENA)

Bosnia’s Prosecutor’s Office raised an indictment against the country’s Security Minister, Selmo Cikotic, accusing him of abuse of office in relation to his previous mandate as BiH Defence Minister.

Details from the indictment will be made public on Friday.

In March last year, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) conducted searches in the premises of the BiH Ministry of Defense, confiscated documentation related to this case and subsequently submitted a report to the Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutors ordered the search based on a suspicion that, in 2010, two decisions were made and four annexes were added to four agreements that were signed in 2003 and 2004 on the sale of surplus arms and ammunition between the defence ministries of BiH’s semi-autonomous entities and a Croatian company, without consent from the BiH Presidency.

This allegedly damaged the budget of the institutions of BiH by more than six million Bosnian Marks.


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