Protest organizer: If you can't buy the vaccine, step aside for someone who can

NEWS 06.04.2021 13:01
Source: N1

Maja Gasal-Vrazalica, one of the organizers of the protest in Sarajevo against the government's incompetence to cope with the pandemic said Tuesday that a year and a half since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities were unable to purchase the vaccines and if they are incapable of doing their job, they should step aside.

“Why the resignations – in a year and a half, a little less, the authorities weren't able to procure a vaccine for BiH. They should step aside, there is someone who will be responsible, for himself and for the citizens of BiH,” she told N1.

“Yesterday, Minister (Vjekoslav) Mandic, the person responsible for health care in the Federation (FBiH) entity, said that he tried, ‘but, you know, he couldn't’. If you don’t know how to do it, then stay away. You can't be an example to the citizens of this country by getting to know the citizens through the media and rolling up your sleeves to be the first to receive the vaccine,” said Gasal-Vrazalica.

Don't insult our intelligence – she said during her address to the media.
Sarajevo residents have blocked the main road near the BiH Parliament building as part of the “Fight for Life” protest. Their messages are: “Earn your salary,” “PCR test mandatory for all who enter BiH,” “Enough is enough,” “How can you sleep at night”…
A large group of Sarajevo residents are moving on foot as they are followed by a convoy of vehicles. They will stay briefly in front of the BiH Parliament building, and then they plan to move towards the FBiH Government building.

Those who came to the Federation entity's Government building can be heard chanting “murderers, murderers.”

Građani stigli ispred zgrade Vlade FBiH

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