Protesters: High Rep's advisors told us citizens should protest more often

NEWS 25.10.2021 14:31
Source: N1

Although Bosnia’s international administrator was unable to meet with the citizens who gathered to protest in front of his office on Monday, the protesters met with his advisors and said they were told that citizens should protest over the situation in the country more often.

The protesters are concerned about the efforts of the leadership in Bosnia’s semi-autonomous Republika Srpska (RS) entity to undo the reforms the country has completed over the past decades and gain more autonomy, arguing that such moves could lead to conflict.


They urged High Representative Christian Schmidt, the official tasked with overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, to use his special powers and stop efforts to transfer competencies from the state to the RS.

“We talked about the Election Law, the Prosecutor's Office… They concluded that Schmidt shares the opinion regarding everything we said as citizens and that he will work on our demands,” said one of the representatives of the citizens who met with Schmidt's advisors in the Office of the High Representative (OHR) building, Seida Cavcic.

“They told us that citizens should go out to protest as often as possible. They are surprised that we came out and grateful that they were able to hear and talk to the citizens. They ask us to continue and gather before the OHR. We invited Schmidt to come out and talk to the citizens, and said that the image that politicians serve him is not the right one,” she said.

Another representative of the citizens said that he was satisfied with the meeting and that those in the OHR “even said they are disappointed that there are not more such protests and they want to hear the voice of the citizens, as they always hear the voice of the politicians.”

“It is very important for the citizens to have the rule of law, and to have it, we must have a protected constitutional and legal system. We also emphasized that the citizens will not only appeal to domestic politicians but at the same time demand responsibility from the international community,” said another representative of the citizens.


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