Protests in front of the OHR building in Sarajevo begin

NEWS 27.07.2022 13:34
Source: N1

Several hundred citizens gathered in front of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) building in Sarajevo where they are currently blocking traffic.

The gathered citizens carry banners that read: “International mafia, supports domestic mafia,” “We want a civic BiH,” “We will not go to the pens”…

One citizen at the protests told N1 that she came there because of the discrimination against citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I'm here because our property was stolen before the war, the war started and it was up to them to collect the property, now they left us with pure fascism and we don't have a civic state,” she said.

People from other cities joined the citizens of Sarajevo. Mehmed from Gracanica sent a message to High Representative Christian Schmidt.

“There is no division, there is no Electoral Law. BiH can only survive as a civic country,” he said.

At 4:30 on today, High Representative Christian Schmidt will impose technical changes to the BiH Election Law, concerning the integrity of the election process. At the same time, the other measures he intended to announce using the Bonn powers will remain pending. This has been confirmed for N1 by several diplomatic sources.

Protests were held over the past two days against the measures that many believe will further divide the BiH public, giving several parties the monopoly over the electoral system.

Source: : N1
Source: : N1
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Source: : N1
Source: : N1
Source: : Anadolija (AA)
Source: : Anadolija (AA)


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