Putin wishes Dodik success in the upcoming elections in Bosnia

NEWS 20.09.2022 17:20
Source: RTRS/ Screenshot

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, told BiH Presidency member, Milorad Dodik, at their meeting in Moscow that he hopes to "further develop fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation" and wished him success in the upcoming elections.

According to RTRS, Dodik told Putin that his insistance on the Dayton Peace Agreement protects Bosnia's Republika Srpska (RS) entity.


“I would like to convey to you greetings from my people, from the Republika Srpska, gratitude for the attention and support that you provide us at the multilateral level, primarily in the UN Security Council, for understanding the specific circumstances in which we work, your commitment to preserving the Dayton Agreement , which still retains Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the other hand, we also have those who want to be a means of changing the rules, changing the international system, and now it was very important that we have friends who understand our specific situation,” Dodik said, according to the transcript released by the Kremlin.

Dodik also mentioned the BiH Football Associaton's decision to agree to a friendly match with Russia.

“Our people have secured this decision for the Bosnia and Herzegovina football team, we hope that we will keep this date, November 19, although one part of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not want it,” he said.

Putin reportedly said that “sport should unite people, not divide them.”

“I want to emphasize once again: we know you as a friend of our country. I am glad to see you and have the opportunity to discuss with you the situation in the region and our bilateral relations,” Putin said.

Dodik is among the few politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina who support the Russian president despite the numerous sanctions that were imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.


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