Radoncic: Making Sarajevo a ‘new Dubai’ among most important election battles

NEWS 04.07.2022 12:51
Source: F.Z./N1

Making Sarajevo the capital city, a “new Dubai” is among the most important battles of the elections, a politician told media as he officially submitted the lists of candidates for the upcoming October elections.

Fahrudin Radoncic, who is the leader of the opposition SBB BiH party, earlier announced that his party would individually present its candidates but he confirmed the support of the opposition candidate for the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Becirovic.

As for the SBB BiH lists of candidates, Radoncic said they will offer many new names, a whole new generation of politicians.

“I am sure we will participate in the change of the political stage and, besides the state level and the Federation (entity) level, our most important battle is makeng Sarajevo the capital city, a new Dubai,” said Radoncic.

Commenting on the candidates for the Presidency, he recalled that Becirovic won more than 190,000 votes in the previous vote, “despite election frauds.”

“I believe that this year, with support of a dozen of parties he would win the post of the Bosniak Presidency member,” said Radoncic.


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