Reactions to Greif's ‘admission’ regarding number of Srebrenica victims

NEWS 20.01.2022 09:57
Source: Twitter

After an Israeli historian and chairman of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity government's commission that compiled a controversial report on the Srebrenica massacre, Gideon Greif told Haaretz that he was wrong in the number of Srebrenica victims killed in the genocide and that the number was 8,000, according to court rulings and reports, numerous reactions followed.

Former Srebrenica mayor Camil Durakovic said “there is no need to correct the report.”

“We know the number of victims, we also know who paid you and we know when and why you did it… To write that the number of victims is lower by 5 thousand is not an accidental mistake,” said Durakovic.

Political scientist Jasmin Mujanovic characterized this situation as a “ship of fools”.

“I don’t know who should be more embarrassed by this absolutely ridiculous turn of events: the shameless Gideon Greif or the secessionist Dodik regime which recruited him to front their genocide negationist ‘commissions’. A ship of fools,” Mujanovic tweeted.

Haaretz editor said that “critics call such Greif’s move as a ‘desperate attempt at damage control'”.

“After being accused of genocide denial, Israeli historian Gideon Greif now agrees that 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were murdered by Bosnian Serb forces at Srebrenica in 1995. However, a critic calls the move a ‘desperate attempt at damage control’,” he tweeted.

Journalist and activist Refik Hodzic asked for the exact amount of money for this report, given that the commission was paid for with citizens’ money.

“One feels a strange mix of satisfaction and cringe with the depths to which Greif has sunk over his gig for Dodik. Still, I want to know how much was he paid to do produce this piece of revisionist shite. As a taxpayer from Prijedor I am entitled to know how my money was spent,” Hodzic wrote.

Speaking for Haaretz, Greif said they had no bad intentions while making the report.


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