Readmission Agreement between BiH and Pakistan comes into force

migranti u bihaću
Source: N1

Pakistani President Arif Alvi signed the Readmission Agreement between this country and Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating the conditions for its implementation, BiH Presidency told Fena news agency on Wednesday.

This important document has now been ratified by both countries, which means that it has entered into force. The BiH Presidency ratified the document on April 16.

By concluding this agreement, BiH and Pakistan confirm their readiness to join international actions to prevent illegal migration, because the Agreement regulates the issues of admission of their own citizens, third-country nationals and stateless persons residing in the territory of a contracting party contrary to their laws.

Last year, Bosnia's Security Minister Selmo Cikotic and Pakistani Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmed Shah signed a Readmission Agreement and an accompanying Protocol that will enable the return of illegal migrants from BiH to Pakistan.

The agreement was signed in a short period of time, although the procedure was initiated in 2011 but it was passive and the work on it was subsequently reactivated. It allows migrants to return to Pakistan in an organized manner.


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