Refugee Commissioner says almost 10,000 migrants in Serbia

NEWS 16.08.2022 19:02
Source: N1

Serbia’s Refugee Commissioner Vladimir Cucic said on Tuesday that more than 6,000 migrants are housed in refugee centers with more than 2000 outside those facilities.

He told the Beta news agency that that 6,305 people are housed in government operated refugee centers. “There are a lot of migrants entering the country and were are sure that there are 9,861 in the country at present,” Cucic said and added that more migrants come into the country during the summer. “We registered a rise of 67 percent of people in refugee centers compared to last year,” the commissioner said.

According to him, the numbers are not alarming but are serious.

Cucic said there are 2,889 Ukrainian nationals in Serbia with just 84 of them in refugee centers. “Those people have requested help with health care, enrolling children in school and residence permits,” he said.


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