Resolution on Srebrenica scheduled for vote in Austrian Parliament

NEWS 27.06.2022 11:36
Source: Anadolija

An alliance of the Bosnia and Herzegovina associations in Austria 'Consilium Bosniacum' has launched an initiative for adoption of a resolution on Srebrenica in the state parliament, which is scheduled for a vote on July 7. Speaking to N1, the initiators said they enjoy an “absolute political support."

The idea has been introduced to the Austrian lawmakers a few years ago.

Bedrana Ribo, the Austrian parliamentarian with the Bosnian origin, said speaking to N1 live from Graz that this was a big step, “an important symbol for the countries in the whole world.”

“I hope that other countries will decide to take the same step,” said Ribo.

She expressed content over the fact that there is political will for the initiative.

“We already know that over 80 percent of the parliament supports this request. Definitely, the political will is there. Austria as a state, and therefore its officials, have always been clear and loud about the genocide in Srebrenica. They have always been clear that this is the greatest crime since the World War II,” said Ribo.

The resolution will first be discussed in the parliamentary committee on June 29 and Ribo said she hoped that those parties that have not so far spoke positively on this matter now change the stance.

A possible negative response to the initiative, according to Ribo, would provoke negative reaction in the Austrian public.

“Unfortunately, the genocide happened, those are the facts. “I can't even think of someone not standing behind it,” she underlined.

“There is absolutely political will”

Admir Mehmedovic, political officer in the Consilium Bosniacum alliance, also emphasised the political will towards the initiative.

“Currently, the four most important political entities in Austria support it: the People's Party with 71 deputies, the Greens with 26, the Social Democratic Party with 40 deputies and the Neoliberals with 15 of them,” said Mehmedovic, who is certain that the resolution will be adopted.


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