Romani language to be introduced in schools in Bosnia's Tuzla Canton

NEWS 21.02.2022 14:17
Source: N1

The Romani language should be introduced in schools in Bosnia’s Tuzla Canton as of September, Indira Bajramovic, president of the Romani women’s association “Bolja budućnosti (Better Future) confirmed for N1.

There have been efforts to include the language of the minority in the curriculum for years.

“I can proudly say that we will realise our initiative. Immediately after submitting the initiative, we set to work. Fortunately, the Ministry of Education of the Tuzla Canton and the Pedagogical Institute recognized that. They recognized the need… and we will be the first to start the realisation now in September,” Bajramovic said.

“So far, we have had meetings with international organisations. Our working group also went to Aleksandrovac (in Serbia) to see how they managed to introduce the Romani language in schools there,” she added.

More than 500 Romani children go to schools throughout the Tuzla Canton.

Many Romani children are denied the right to learn their language under its name.


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