RS entity VP candidate announces he will file charges alleging election fraud

NEWS 07.10.2022 11:12
Source: N1

Candidate for Vice President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Camil Durakovic, told N1 that there were many irregularities in the election process and that he plans to file criminal charges once the Central Election Commission (CEC) publishes the final results.

Durakovic pointed out that the race for the RS vice president post is still not over and that the Central Election Commission (CEC) is still getting votes mailed in from abroad.


Durakovic said he expected that the electoral process would be fairer, especially since the High Representative of the international community, Christian Schmidt, imposed technical changes to the Election Law.

He said that the outcome of the RS vice president eleciton was “illogical” in some municipalities.

“We filed complaints too. I have two examples and evidence and statements of people who were observers and voters, in Zvornik and in Doboj. In Zvornik, my neighbouring town, I got two times fewer votes, and a candidate who is completely unknown in that area got some votes. So they told me that the counted votes for me were not registered. In the settlement of Klis, a Bosniak village where they told me that no one voted for Dodik, and he received the most votes. Then in Kamenica, where Mirko Sarovic won the most votes. These are all illogicalities and we can extract evidence that voting was done by members of polling committees, not voters. We will see if there will be a new count,” Durakovic said.

Residents of the returnee Bosniak village of Klis near Zvornik protested in front of the police station in Zvornik over alleged election fraud and filed a criminal complaint against members of the local polling committee.

“I am waiting for the final results of the CEC, and then I will file criminal charges. We must ensure the transparency of the election whether we win or not. Five members of the polling committees are in custody due to fraud because the ballots were already filled out before the opening of the polling stations and they were placed in the boxes,” he noted.

Durakovic also pointed out the case of Bosanski Novi (Novi Grad), where “someone already voted on behalf of the people”, announcing he will file criminal charges in regard to this case as well.

“Someone tricked these citizens, maybe paid them, ordered them, threatened them,” he said.

Durakovic said that there were minor irregularities, but that those call the entire election process into question.

“If we have such a serious violation in one polling station, who can guarantee that they did not do the same in other places,” he said.

On Thursday evening, opposition parties and citizens in the RS protested, demanding a recount in the election of the RS president due to alleged fraud.

“It's one thing to have a political stance, and another to prove a violation of the Election Law. They will have to prove in detail all their allegations. It has to be proven. If they have evidence, the CEC will make an adequate decision, if not, there will be no repeated election,” he said.

Durakovic said that the election process would be without irregularities if there was video surveillance, scanners, and electronic voting introduced.
“Schmidt could impose those things. That would change everything and the outcome of the elections. However, these changes just before the elections that he made slightly improved the situation. But someone always finds a loophole in the law,” he said.


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