RS Police holds anti-terrorist exercise with EUFOR aircraft flying over

NEWS 22.10.2021 12:51
Source: N1

Special police units of Bosnia's Republika Srpska (RS) entity held an anti-terrorist exercise on mount Jahorina, just outside Sarajevo, during which EUFOR planes flew over the compound, RS Interior Minister Dragan Lukac confirmed Friday. At the same time, the RS gendarmerie units conducted an anti-migrant-trafficking operation in the west Bosnian town of Mrkonjic Grad.

“You’ve had the opportunity to see an EUFOR plane appear, flying over five or six times. For that reason, we did not lift another helicopter so as not to create an incident. They had no need for that given that EUFOR representatives are here. We’re not hiding absolutely anything and everything they could see from the air they was visible here from the ground,” Lukac said.


he said the European peacekeeping force should have announced their fly-over, but that they avoided an incident by not flying their second helicopter.

Anti-trafficking exercise in Mrkonjic Grad


Simultaneously, members of the Mrkonjic Grad Police Administration, the RS Interior Ministry’s Gendarmerie and units of the Mrkonjic Grad, Doboj and Prijedor Gendarmeries conducted an exercise to prevent the trafficking of migrants who offered armed resistance against the police in the town of Mrkonjic Grad.

Dalibor Ivanic, the head of the Police Directorate of the RS Ministry of the Interior, said that such exercises are often organized, precisely in order to prevent real situations occurring sporadically and threatening the security of the RS.

In both cases, the RS Interior Ministry used light armoured vehicles equipped with mini-gun turrets and police helicopters.


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