Russian Ambassador: US doesn't have an exclusive right to impose its will in BiH

NEWS 31.03.2022 20:30
Igor Kalabuhov za N1
Source: N1

Russia’s Ambassador in Bosnia, Igor Kalabukhov, said that his country’s policy is being misinterpreted in BiH, emphasising that he does not accept the idea of Washington retaining "the exclusive right to impose its own will.”

He told the Srna news agency the way the US does this is “often rude and arrogant was, sometimes behind the scenes, manipulatively and aggressively portraying Russia as a major threat to peace.”


Kalabukhov’s statements come after the US Ambassador in the country, Michael Murphy, stated on Thursday that Russia and China threaten the common interests of BiH and the United States.

Murphy also criticised Kalabukhov over his recent statement that “Ukraine's example shows” what Russia expects from BiH and that his country would have to respond if BiH takes steps to join NATO.

The US Ambassador said these statements are deeply problematic.

Kalabukhov said the US diplomat should not be lecturing him and will not be the one to determine some “red line” which he is not to cross.

“Murphy seems to consider himself Zarathustra, as if every time the American ambassador opens his mouth, pearls of wisdom fall upon us. If my statements are ‘deeply problematic’ for Ambassador Murphy, then he should look for sources of such concern in himself”, he said.

He said that both the United States and Russia have interests in BiH.

“And we do not intend to turn to the opinion of the US ambassador in the realisation of our interests, which are primarily aimed at developing and deepening mutually beneficial and friendly relations with BiH,” he added.


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