Russian Embassy: Decision to suspend Republika Srpska law ‘illegitimate’

NEWS 13.04.2022 11:25
Source: Anadolija

Russian Embassy in Sarajevo dismissed the latest decision by UN peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, High Representative Christian Schmidt, to suspend a law in Bosnia's Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska, calling this and all other decisions by Schmidt “illegitimate.”

“We reaffirm the principled stance by the Russian Federation that German citizen Christian Schmidt cannot be considered the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina without consent of the UN Security Council. Therefore, he has no competencies in regard with the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH, and his all decisions are illegitimate,” said the embassy, reiterating its stance on not recognising the German envoy as the High Representative.

The embassy called on its partners in the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board to annul the decision that Schmidt passed on April 12, adding that if some member states of this body continue “giving in to the arbitrariness of Christian Schmidt, particularly if the sanctions are used against legally elected politicians in BiH, then all responsibility for potential destabilisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will fall on the representatives of the international community.”

Russian Embassy called for a dialogue among the political actors in the country without external mediation, in order to reach compromise solutions to the current internal issues.

“Only this can create conditions to secure the stability and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in this complicated situation,” said the embassy's statement.

High Representative Schmidt decided to suspend the Law on Immovable property in Republika Srpska, until the assessment of the Constitutional Court in order to avoid negative legal reprisals for citizens and potential investors.

Russia, the strong opponent of Schmidt as the High Representative in BiH, had initiated the discussion on his appointment at the UN Security Council last year but the discussion was not held.

Contrary to Russia, the appointment was supported by the US, the UK, Estonia, Norway and other countries, who noted that confirmation by the Security Council is desirable but not necessary.

Schmidt took office in August 2021. According to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he is among others assigned with special powers to dismiss officials and impose laws.


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