Russian embassy explains its recent statement on Bosnia's relations with NATO

NEWS 23.03.2021 10:04
Source: Anadolija

The Embassy of Russia in Sarajevo said on Tuesday it sent “corresponding explanations” of its recent comment regarding NATO and Bosnia's potential steps towards joining the alliance, which sparked reactions including those of the main Bosniak SDA party and Bosnia Presidency member Zeljko Komsic, to whom the explanations have been addressed.

“Our corresponding explanations were sent to member of BiH Presidency Zeljko Komsic, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Foreign Affairs Minister Bisera Turkovic, and the press service of the Democratic Action Party (SDA),” the embassy briefly stated without providing further details on the notes it sent.

The embassy “thanked” for all the assessment of their NATO-related comment, adding that “for a deeper understating of its essence, one should read the text of the statement rather than draw conclusions based on arbitrary presentation.”

Last week, the Embassy issued a statement titled “Comments on NATO”, saying among other things that Russia “will have to react” in case of “practical bonding between BiH and NATO,” calling it an “enemy step.”

This triggered reactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including those of Bosniak and Croat members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, the SDA party, as well as the NATO and US Embassy in Sarajevo.

“Every country has the sovereign right to choose its own security arrangements. Whether countries decide to cooperate with NATO – either through partnerships or as full members of the Alliance – is up to each individual applicant and the 30 Allies. No third party has the right to intervene or veto such a process. Any threats in this respect are unacceptable. The time of spheres of influence is over,” a NATO spokesperson told N1.


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