Russian threats to BiH are typical Putin diplomacy – aggression and fear


The latest messages sent by the newly appointed Russian Ambassador, Igor Kalabukhov, addressed the Bosnian public, regarding the eventual membership of our country in NATO provoked numerous reactions but not everyone was surprised by such moves. In an interview with N1, Janusz Bugajski, an analyst and expert on the Balkans, says that this is typical of Russian diplomacy and that it probably represents fear of Biden and the influence of the new administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These are aggression and fear, Bugajski said. “The two are pretty closely related. The fear they have is, of course, that NATO will become an effective security organization in Europe. This would include all the countries in the Balkans including Bosnia, Kosovo and perhaps Serbia sometime in the future. This would then mitigate the threat or perhaps completely eliminate it, which Russia poses by turning one side against the other so that these countries do not become part of NATO.

When asked where should Bosnia look for help in a situation like this, Brussels or Washington, Bugajski said Brussels.

To see what he thinks of the Brussels and other hot topics for Bosnia and the region, click the video above.


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