Second support rally for Palestine in Sarajevo since Gaza conflict

NEWS 22.05.2021 12:57
protest podrške Palestini u Sarajevu
Source: Izvor: Faruk Zametica/N1

Several hundred Sarajevans and Palestinians organised a second support rally, on Saturday, for the people of Palestine since the recent conflict erupted in Gaza, 11 days ago. The rally with attendees carrying Palestinian flags and messages of support was held in front of the City Hall.

The organizers are the Palestinian Community in BiH, the Association of BiH-Palestinian Friendship, the Association for Culture, Education and Sports AKOS and the Association “Young Muslims.” The motto of the rally is “In the name of peace, not against anyone.”

The rally was attended by all generations, from children who came with their parents, holding photos of their dead and wounded peers from Palestine, to the elderly. They were also joined by Palestinian Ambassador to BiH Rezeqa Namooru.

ambasador Palestine u BiH na protestima u Sarajevu
Source : Izvor: Faruk Zametica/N1

Speaking at the rally, the Ambassador said Palestinians will demand justice for all who died and whose bodies are still under rubbles of collapsed buildings.

“We are sending compassion for every Palestinian martyr and wounded as well every other Palestinian in Palestine. A temporary ceasefire and end to the spilling of Palestinian blood, but the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land is still ongoing. Our martyrs, our killed brothers, our women and children are under the rubbles of collapsed buildings. Their blood was not in vain. We will demand justice for all those who were killed,” Ambassador Namooru said.

He added that “today, Sarajevo, as a European Jerusalem has embraced the Palestinian Jerusalem.”

“My message to Israel, who took away our land is that we will never leave Palestine. Palestine is our homeland, soaked with martyrs blood and one day it will be free,” the Ambassador concluded.

The eleven-day conflict in Gaza resulted in over 250 people killed, including women and children. More than 100,000 people have been displaced. The truce came into force two days ago.


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