Sarajevans announce warning protest over rising fuel prices

NEWS 01.07.2022 17:17
Source: N1

On the occasion of the uncontrolled increase in fuel prices in Sarajevo, a protest ride organized by an informal group of citizens will be held on Saturday, July 2, N1 learns.

Protesters will gather at 7:30 at the training ground in front of the Energoinvest building, from where they will head towards the city centre.

“We demand that fuel prices be reduced because the present situation is highway robbery. The price of one barrel of oil in the world costs 100 dollars, and here it costs 605 Bosnian marks. We are not sheep that will remain silent and suffer while the politicians in power keep getting away with threats of war. This is just a warning. If our demands are not met, we will show that if politicians can cause a collapse, so can we,” said Jasmin Zumberovic, one of the organizers of the protest ride.

The rally has been reported to the police, and the organizers say that on this occasion there will be no blocking of city roads and that this ride is just a warning.


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