Sarajevans organize mass protest against govt's incompetence to fight pandemic

NEWS 06.04.2021 12:12
Source: N1

A group of Sarajevo residents gathered in front of the city train station from where they will head off towards the BiH Parliament building and then the FBiH entity building protesting against the incompetence of the authorities in preventing the spread of the pandemic.

The protest called “Fight for Life” will take place from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, and protestors will demand the resignation of the BiH Council of Ministers (as the BiH government is officially called) and the Federation (FBiH) entity Government due to the chaos in the country because of which an average of 50 BiH citizens die every day. Another reason, they said, is that the authorities have shown that they are incapable of coping with the pandemic.

Učesnici protesta stigli ispred Parlamenta BiH

Posted by N1 Bosna i Hercegovina on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The list of their demands also includes the appointment of a new convocation of the BiH Council of Ministers and the FBiH Government, which has 14 days to come up with a clear and realistic plan for crisis management and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and an urgent introduction of PCR tests for everyone entering the country.

The rally is observed by strong police forces of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior. There will also be a suspension of traffic on the roads on which the protestors will move during the protest.



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