Sarajevans protest in support of Palestinian people

NEWS 14.05.2021 15:56
Source: Faruk Zametica/N1

A group of Sarajevans organised a protest walk Friday in support of the people of Palestine. Carrying the flags of BiH and Palestine, they walked the streets of the capital from Bascarsija to the building of the Council of Ministers of BiH (the state government), shouting "Palestine", "Bosnia and Herzegovina", "We are with you, Gaza."

“This is a peaceful protest in support of our brothers in Palestine who have been wronged by Israel and the apartheid they (Israel) have been carrying out for almost 80 years against the innocent people. The people who express their human rights and the need to be free, honourable and dignified in their own land. We in Bosnia, especially in Sarajevo, after a 44-month siege, know what it's like when someone drives you out of your home, when they usurp your property, when they attack your honour. We know very well what it's like when someone tortures you, when someone kills your child, father or mother. We experienced this in Sarajevo for forty-four months. In Palestine, they have been suffering for 80 years, they are under great injustice. We came to raise our voices in a dignified way, to let them know that they are not alone,” said Sanin Musa, the head of the informal movement “The faith. The people. The state.”

Earlier, the flag of Palestine was projected at the City Hall in Sarajevo. The same was done on the Old Bridge in Mostar. However, last night in Banja Luka and Trebinje, support was given to Israel by projecting the flag of Israel on the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity government building.

The Israeli army has been carrying out heavy air and ground attacks on Gaza since this morning. According to the latest figures, at least 109 civilians have been killed in Gaza since May 10, including 28 children and 15 women. A total of 621 people were injured. Seven people were killed in Israel, one of them a soldier and a six-year-old child. Over 150 of them were injured, according to the Israel Defence Force.



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