Sarajevans protesting in front of EU Delegation building

NEWS 08.11.2021 11:12
Source: N1

As in the previous two protests, dissatisfied Sarajevans with the situation in the country gathered on Monday in front of the EU Delegation building in Sarajevo, and one of the demonstrators, Suad Djozic, told N1 that they want to say something similar to what they announced in the Office of the High Representative (OHR).

“They promised to receive us officially. We are mainly in favour of changing the Constitution, which we announced to the OHR, and we also want to submit four more demands,” Djozic told N1.

One of the demands is respect for the rule of law and the constitutional order – meaning the requirements are similar to those before. The only difference compared to earlier, according to Djozic is that the Head of the EU Delegation Johann Sattler and the US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson are already implementing one of the proposals, and the Citizens’ Assembly has been launched. He noted that the protesters gathered on Monday have nothing against them.

Djozic added that they are constantly asking the citizens to ask more questions.

The first protest of this kind was held on October 25 in front of the OHR, when they asked the High Representative to protect the constitutional order of the state of BiH. They warned that the tragic events of 30 years ago, when the international community did not react in time, must not be repeated.

After that, the protest took place on November 1 in front of the US Embassy in Sarajevo.


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