Sarajevo-Barcelona Winter Olympics joint candidacy slowly shaping up

NEWS 09.02.2022 12:31
Source: OKBiH

Heads of the Bosnian and Spanish Olympic committees met in Beijing on Wednesday to discuss the joint candidacy of Sarajevo and Barcelona for the Winter Olympics of 2030.

The meeting was attended by the President of the BiH Olympic Committee Marijan Kvesic, Vice President Milanko Mucibabic and Secretary-General Said Fazlagic on the Bosnian side and the President of the Olympic Committee of Spain Ajeandro Blanco Bravo and Victoria Cabezas, the Secretary-General of the Spanish Committee.

To turn the idea into a proposal, accompanying meetings between stakeholders will be held in the coming period, and Sarajevo should prepare a framework budget for the renovation of the arena. The budget would include the renovation of the Ski Jump ramps and Nordic Combined tracks, which are a priority for the candidacy and whose partial costs would be covered by the Spanish Olympic Committee.

After this, Sarajevo should completely renovate the bobsled track, so that bobsled, luge and skeleton competitions can also be held in Sarajevo. This would mean that a total of 25% of athletes and coaches of the Barcelona-Sarajevo 2030 Winter Olympics would perform in Sarajevo. The President of the Olympic Committee of Spain, Alejandro Blanco Bravo did not hide his enthusiasm, as he was very optimistic during the meeting.

The idea of the Barcelona – Sarajevo Winter Olympics 2030 fits into the new concept of sustainability of the Games, where special emphasis is placed on the use of already visited infrastructure, ie their adaptation.

If they win the candidacy, these would be the second Olympic Games for both cities, ie Barcelona would have been the host of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and the Olympic spirit would be reawakened in Sarajevo after the games of 1984.


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