Sarajevo Canton adopts budget worth 1.2 billion Bosnian marks

NEWS 31.01.2022 22:36
Source: N1

The Sarajevo Canton (KS) Assembly adopted the 2022 budget, on Monday, in the amount of 1,220,787,840 Bosnian marks (nearly € 600 million), the statement from the press office said.

The budget consists of revenues from corporate income tax in the amount of 126.4 million marks, then revenues from income tax in the amount of 209.2 million marks, and revenues from indirect taxes in the amount of 579.2 million marks, which makes a total of 914.8 million Bosnian marks.

The Ministry of Justice and Administration, together with judicial institutions, the KS Attorney's Office and the KS Institute for Free Legal Aid, received 42.7 million Bosnian marks.

This year, the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs received its record budget of 47.5 million Bosnian marks.

The budget position of the Ministry of Transport for this year is 111.7 million Bosnian marks.

The Ministry of the Interior will have its record budget in the amount of 128.4 million Bosnian marks. Most of the funds will be used for the procurement of equipment for the Police Administration worth 23 million Bosnian marks, and for the procurement of a helicopter for the needs of the KS Ministry of the Interior the Canton allocated 17 million Bosnian marks.

The amount of 62.7 million KM is foreseen for the economics department in the KS budget.

The Ministry of Health this year received 16.5 million Bosnian marks.

The largest budget funds of 257.4 million Bosnian marks are managed by the Ministry of Education.

This year, the Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth received 176.3 million Bosnian marks for the University of Sarajevo, and almost four million marks were earmarked for support to the scientific and artistic research work in the KS.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports recorded an increase in funds compared to previous years, which now amounts to 37.2 million Bosnian marks.

Significant growth is also visible in the funds belonging to the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees, whose budget is 118.2 million Bosnian marks.

A total of 65.8 million Bosnian marks is planned for the Utilities, Infrastructure, Physical Planning, Construction and the Environmental Protection Ministry.

(€1=1.95583 Bosnian marks)


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