Sarajevo Canton receives Serbia's donation of 10,000 AstraZeneca vaccines

NEWS 09.04.2021 15:48
Source: N1

A donation of 10,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines that Serbia sent to Sarajevo Canton (SC) was handed over on Friday at the Sarajevo International Airport in presence of Serbian and SC officials.

Serbia responded to the request of the Sarajevo Canton Government, which asked for the purchase of vaccines but due to procedural obstacles, Serbia decided to make a donation.

“They told us they could not provide us with the vaccines commercially so they decided to make a donation. We are grateful but the SC Government will give something in return and make an offer for their citizens, it will probably be an option for the citizens of Serbia to come to the Sarajevo Canton and stay in hotels using vouchers of the SC Government. We want to pay for it because we have money available,” said SC Prime Minister Edin Forto, adding that the cantonal authorities established contact with several countries asking for the purchase of vaccines. 

Everything is ready for mass immunisation of citizens in SC, which will take place at the Zetra Olympic Hall, Health Minister Haris Vranic confirmed.

“Once we get the approval to use the vaccines, the citizens will be invited through (online) application for the vaccination. No one will be left out but I must say these are limited quantities,” he said.

Addressing media at the airport, Serbia's Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said the authorities in his country are aware that “virus knows no borders and does not care about barriers to reach every corner of the planet.”

“We cannot be happy if we vaccinate within one border. I hope we will be more united in the future and that we will learn a lesson that no one alone can solve this problem, but if we are solving it together in our neighbourhood it will be solved sooner,” he said.


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