Sarajevo Canton returns online classes due to surge in Covid-19 cases

NEWS 11.03.2021 16:34
Source: Edin Forto, N1

The epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton has not improved, Prime Minister Edin Forto said Thursday, adding that the cantonal government adopted the Crisis Staff’s recommendation to return all schools to online schooling.

“This means that as of tomorrow (Friday) children won’t go to school. This refers to elementary, high schools and faculties. The only exception to this rule will be special schools for children with special needs,” Forto said, adding that kindergartens are still allowed to work.

Despite being in the middle of the Sarajevo Canton government session where they are considering further measures, Forto said he wanted to familiarize the parents as soon as possible. so that they could prepare on time.

He could not speak of other measures as they are being discussed.


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