Sarajevo Canton starts mass immunisation of citizens

NEWS 26.07.2021 12:13
Source: Mirna Pecikoza (Screenshot)

Mass vaccination of Sarajevo Canton citizens of all ages is planned to start this weekend, a health ministry spokesperson confirmed on Monday.

Mirna Pecikoza, the ministry spokeswoman, addressed the media and unveiled the vaccination plan for the next few days, noting that after the risk categories are done with the immunisation, all citizens aged 18 and above will be able to get their vaccine at the Zetra Sports Hall as of Saturday.

The first in line are citizens aged above 60, who will get their shots on July 27, and in the days that follow the health workers will vaccinate the essential workers, including those employed in the educational sector, police, etc., which should be done by Jule 30.

“On Saturday, July 31, we can announce that Sarajevo Canton will be the first to launch the open door days. Four thousand AstraZeneca vaccines have been secured for all those above age of 18, who can come to Zetra without invitation. The same number of vaccines will be secured for August 1 and 2, each, for the Sarajevo canton citizens regardless of age,” she said.

The cantonal authorities expect to receive 24,000 AstraZeneca doses in the following days.


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