Sarajevo City Hall hosts Paul Lowe's exhibition ‘Siege’

NEWS 04.04.2022 19:20
Source: F.Z./N1

A photo exhibition “Opsada / Siege" by Paul Lowe, a British photographer, was held Monday in the Sarajevo City Hall on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo.

The Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karic, opened this exhibition in which author Paul Lowe portrayed the everyday life and struggle for the survival of Sarajevans while staying in the capital of BiH during the siege.

Lowe pointed out that it was a great honour for him to be in the Sarajevo City Hall, an incredible place – as he called it, marking the 30th anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo.

“I could never have imagined that the City Hall would be rebuilt like this after 30 years and the devastation of war, but I also couldn’t have imagined that BiH would be caught in a trap of interethnic tensions. My photos speak about the daily life of Sarajevans, their resistance and their courage during the siege. Unfortunately, the same situation is happening in Ukraine today, and these photographs have a contemporary value, they don’t belong only to the past. Those things are happening once more,” Lowe said.

Mayor Karic recalled that she was a child during the siege of Sarajevo.

“Even though I was a child, even now when I close my eyes I can smell the fire and remember the sounds of bullets,” Karic concluded.


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