Sarajevo Court confirms indictment against migrant accused of killing a local

NEWS 03.09.2021 13:24
Source: Facebook

The Sarajevo Canton Court has confirmed the indictment against Libyan national Josuf Mselmani Bushaip, who is accused of killing a local young man, Jasmin Berovic, in Sarajevo in November last year.

According to prosecutors, the suspect was part of a group of migrants, along with Salah Eddine Dechane, who was already indicted in the case, as well as another Moroccan citizen who evaded authorities. The three are accused of stabbing Berovic repeatedly in a cafe in Sarajevo’s Ilidza neighbourhood on November 17, 2020.


Prosecutors said that the suspects committed the criminal offence after they were refused service in front of the cafe. They are also charged with inflicting light and severe bodily injury to two other people.

The KS Court had issued an international arrest warrant for Josuf Mselmani Bushaip, who was on the run following the incident, and he was later extradited from Kosovo.


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