Sarajevo hosts third LGBTI Pride march, counter meeting kicks off too

NEWS 25.06.2022 12:03
Source: N1/F.Z.

The third Sarajevo Pride march under the motto “ Familly gathering” will begin Saturday at 3 pm but like in previous years, the march is followed by a counter meeting called “Give us back the rainbow” which took place from 11 to 11.45 am.

Sanjin Musa, the leader of the “Faith, People, State” party is the organizer of this counter meeting, just like in previous years. From 10 hours and 15 minutes in the Sarajevo settlement of Otoka, citizens gathered to take a walk to express their position against the Pride march.

“Traditional normal family day. This is our right to verbally oppose [the Pride march], without violence. We are here against the LGBT rally. Today, the gathering will be followed live on many media. Our gathering is not going live. Where does such a radical imposition of values come from? We are here to say NO,” said Sanjin Musa.

Under the counter meeting, the youngest participants will be given prizes for the best drawing whose theme is the rainbow.

The LGBTI Pride march will begin gathering participants from 3 pm until 5 pm, after which everyone gathered will walk from the eternal flame in the centre of Sarajevo to the Historic Museum where the organizers will shortly address the gathered at 6:30 pm.


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