Sarajevo Mayor announces construction of ‘Sarajevo Eye’ skywalk

NEWS 28.06.2022 10:38
Source: Grad Sarajevo

The City Administration of Sarajevo announced that Mayor Benjamina Karic proposed the construction of a skywalk above the Bosnian capital, for which the Sarajevo Canton (KS) Planning Institute gave a positive opinion for this project.

According to the City of Sarajevo, access to the skywalk through the forest would not suffer significant interventions, nor would the forest fund be disturbed, that is, the existing hiking trails would be used to a greater extent.

“Sarajevo skywalk called ‘Sarajevo Eye’ will be a new attraction of the city on Spicasta stijena with a view of the eastern entrance to Sarajevo”, Karic said.

She added that the whole complex will be located at an altitude of 900 metres.


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