Sarajevo police apprehended three Afghan migrants suspected of killing Pakistani

Source: Anadolija

Three Afghan migrants suspected of killing a Pakistani migrant on April 15 in Bihac have been arrested, Anadolu Agency reported Sunday.

Three migrants from Afghanistan, who are suspected of killing a Pakistani citizen, also a migrant, on Friday, April 15, in the city of Bihac, were arrested this morning in Sarajevo.

Taking measures and actions with the aim of finding persons linked to the crimes in the area of Bihac, including the crime of murder, police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Police Department found and apprehended three persons, citizens of Afghanistan.

During the search of the residential building in which they stayed, the police officers found and temporarily confiscated: two pistols and five bullets, and eight rings, one bracelet and a watch, which are suspected to originate from committed crimes.


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