Sarajevo police fines Slovenian actor over performance with elements of nudity

NEWS 27.06.2022 10:14
Source: Žiga Živulović jr./BOBO

Sarajevo police fined Slovenian actor Marko Mandic over his performance in Sarajevo's central square on Saturday which, according to the police report, violated public order and peace.

The awarded actor took part in the play ‘Together’ within the Zvrk International Art Festival, in front of the Sarajevo National Theatre, which included the elements of nudity.

According to the police, the performance was not announced in accordance with the Law on Public Gathering and the actor was fined for violating the public order and peace.

Speaking to N1, Mandic said he was not aware of the reasons why the organisers failed to implement all the procedures necessary for the public manifestation.

The play was not interrupted but the problem emerged afterwards because “some had a problem with it,” he noted.

“The topic of the festival is love and coexistence between people and communities. The content of the play ‘Together’ is love. But love involves body, often a naked one,” explained Mandic.

He also said the incident will not affect the play's schedule in the upcoming period.

“Each play is a test with audience and the environment where it is performed,” he added.


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