Sarajevo rally in support of LGBTI rights: Everything’s on hold

NEWS 16.05.2022 14:26
Source: N1

On the occasion of the Day of Combating Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, the Sarajevo Open Center organized a peaceful rally in front of the Sarajevo Centar Municipality Monday due to the impossibility of registering a same-sex partnership or getting married.

Dajana Bakic from the Sarajevo Open Centers said that many rights are being violated, but that today the focus is on the impossibility of concluding same-sex marriages. Today (Monday), they entered the Municipality of Centar to register a partnership, but they were prevented from doing so because it is not legally regulated.

“Yesterday we celebrated the UN Family Day, and tomorrow is the Day of the Fight Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. We don’t have the laws regulating same-sex marriages and partnerships. We tried it today with five couples, we came across a very open relationship between the registrar in the Municipality of Centar and she was ready for the ceremony, but she did not have the law that regulates it. There is a decision from 2020 that the FBiH Government will form a working group to draft a law on same-sex partnership or marriage, but we are still waiting. We are pushing for that to change,” she said.

Same-sex couples live in communities and since there is no law governing the rights of such a community, they cannot exercise the right to a pension, health insurance based on a partner, inherit property… and different types of legal issues that heterosexual communities do not think about.

BiH does not recognize same-sex marriages or partnerships made outside of BiH.

“We just received the information from the registrar that they had requests to register a partnership, but that is not possible. Croatia and Montenegro have already fixed this and partnerships can be registered. They are not legally recognized here,” Bakic said.


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