Sarajevo under siege photo exhibition opens in Belgrade (PHOTO)

Source: Anadolija

A photo exhibition of some 30 images showing the everyday life of Sarajevans under siege that began on April 5, 1992, and ended on February 29, 1996, was opened in Belgrade, Serbia, on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reported.

Natasa Govedarica from the ZFD Forum stated that documentary photography is both a witness and evidence, but also an invitation to imagine the one from whose life that moment was torn away through photography.

“Thus, photography lives as part of one’s memory and reflection, and as part of our joint effort to ensure that what can be seen in these photographs is not repeated. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a repetition, and I want to revisit what the people of Sarajevo did in those years of siege – they lived and survived, and these photos also record that – the resistance of life and culture and art,” said Govedarica.

Velma Saric from the Center for Post-Conflict Research pointed out that the work of Paul Lowe and his photographs are an invaluable testimony to the daily life of Sarajevans under siege, and announced that they will become part of a permanent exhibition in the City Hall.

“The contribution of photography, reporters and war journalists in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now in Ukraine, is immeasurable, they helped to record and prove in a relevant way that what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina were crimes and genocide, and many of these photos were admitted into court evidence,” Saric said.

The author Paul Lowe pointed out that it is a great privilege that his works were exhibited at the same time in the City Hall in Sarajevo and in the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade, and stressed that there is a symbolic connection between the two cities.

“I have wanted to bring my works to Belgrade for 30 years, and I am glad that they are here at the right time when we are celebrating 30 years since the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo. Unfortunately, in the case of Ukraine today, we see that this call ‘Never again!’ hasn’t been answered,” Lowe said.


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