Schmidt: Dodik invited me to his private estate, I did not accept

NEWS 26.06.2022 11:42
Source: F.Z./N1

The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, whose legitimacy is being challenged by politicians in the country’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, said that BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik had invited him to come to his estate in Bakinci near Laktasi, but that he had not accepted it yet.

“Dodik and I have known each other for years, I have an invitation to come to his private estate and have a drink. Maybe we can talk about it later. We will work first, I am German, and then we’ll drink brandy,” said Schmidt in an interview for Bijeljina's BN television.

He said that his job is to have a dialogue with politicians in BiH, just as all disputed issues in BiH must be resolved through dialogue.

Commenting on the fact that politicians in the RS are disputing him, Schmidt said that those dealing with that topic should not be given much attention.

“I can only say that I am in full function, that I performed in the Security Council, I am going to Belgrade and there I am accepted by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church. And when I have the blessing of the church, then that must be it,” he noted.


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