Schmidt: With or without new Election Law – 2022 elections will be held in BiH

NEWS 28.01.2022 17:03
Source: Faruk Zametica (N1)

International community’s High Representative Christian Schmidt called on all political forces in BiH, on Friday, to work constructively on a new Election Law, while emphasizing that General Elections will take place in autumn 2022 with or without a new Election Law.

“Elections must reflect the will of the voters and a modern election law that ensures transparent elections according to established democratic standards and in line with decisions of the European Court of Human Rights is in everyone’s interest. At the same time, I wish to emphasize: there is a valid election law that regulates the elections precisely. In case there is no amendment to the election law, then elections will take place in autumn 2022 according to the provisions of the existing law. That is not negotiable. Democracy works according to predetermined rules and in particular, the elections must not become the subject of political manoeuvres. Free, equal and fair elections are at the heart of democracy,” the High Representative stated.


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