SDA leader on electoral reform: Minority cannot impose its will on majority

NEWS 07.05.2021 16:54
Source: N1

Bosnian Constitution says that every constituent people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is entitled to the right to their representatives and the right to protection of vital national interest, but no one can impose the will of the minority on the will of the majority and make the parliamentary democracy meaningless, the leader of the SDA party Bakir Izetbegovic told N1, commenting on political talks on electoral reform.

He accused the main partner in the talks, the HDZ BiH party, of “imposing anything they like, obstructing anywhere they want.”

Legitimate representation means, Izetbegovic said, that representatives of all constituent peoples are entitled to the right of protection of vital national interests, in accordance with the Constitution of BiH and the Constitution of the FBiH (the Federation, Bosnia's Bosniak-Croat shared entity).

The HDZ BiH, Izetbegovic explained, insists on the changes to the law and the Constitution, which would “enable that the majority does not elect the representatives to the minority.”

“We can talk about that. What we ask is that the minority does not impose their will on the majority, as I said in the FBiH Parliament,” he added.

According to him, the HDZ BiH, led by Dragan Covic, has no courage to make compromises.

He said that there is no deadline for the electoral law changes, as suggested by Covic who mentioned the end of June.

Also, Izetbegovic noted, this cannot be resolved by two political leaders but requires the participation of both those political parties in power and the opposition.

“They are all included in the inter-agency working group, which is about to start with work and will be supported by the solutions found by the leaders. If Covic wants us to do something – he should welcome what we offer. Let's untie the knot and let the group do this,” he concluded.


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