Sec Min: ‘Coordination 2021’ exercise tests BiH's response to natural disasters

NEWS 23.06.2021 13:52
Source: N1

The military exercise ‘Coordination 2021’, which is taking place according to the bilateral cooperation programme between BiH and the United States between June 21 and 25 in Sarajevo, has the goal to test the internal procedures, efficiency and effectiveness of Bosnia’s institutions in terms of response to natural and other disasters, Security Minister Selmo Cikotic said on Wednesday.

“This exercise is designed today as a test of the state’s ability to respond to an earthquake disaster. A similar scenario is used for many disasters caused by climate change and many other natural disasters, as well as man-made disasters,” he explained.

“Good coordination, preparedness and mutual cooperation of various institutions is very important for the function of saving people's lives, but also reducing damage and other negative consequences of disasters,” he said.

A team of experts from the United States participates in the exercise, as well as institutions of Bosnia’s two semi-autonomous entities, the Federation (FBiH) and Republika Srpska (RS), representatives of lower government level institutions, international organisations and local NGOs.


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