Senior KFOR officer says NATO reserves deployed in Kosovo

NEWS 21.09.2022 18:53
Source: N1

A KFOR commander said that NATO had deployed reserves in Kosovo prior to the expiration of the deadline to replace vehicle license plates, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

“As part of contingency planning, there are reserves that are rehearsed in terms of their arrival here,” KFOR regional commander East Colonel Christopher Samulski told reporters in camp Bondsteel.

He said that NATO could not rule out fresh tension in the north as the deadline approaches, adding that the Alliance is prepared to increase its troop presence in Kosovo.

“The First Fusiliers from the UK are here as the strategic reserve which is a normal rehearsal of their entrance and integration in normal operations,” the colonel said.

According to the British Defense Ministry portal, the 1st Fusiliers are a premier Armoured Infantry battlegroup equipped with Warrior fighting vehicles.


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