Serbia floods: 10,680 households without power

Source: N1

Vlada Plemic from Serbia's Emergency Sector said on Tuesday the situation with floods in the country's southern parts was calming down, but added that 10,680 households in the area were without electricity.

Speaking to the state RTS TV, he said the rain stopped and that the rivers started withdrawing into their beds.

„The biggest problem was with torrents. Some cricks unregistered on the map became active and filled in all the depressions and places that have long existed as a danger,“ he said.

The floods caused problems on Monday as well.

Plemic added the snow melting and heavy rain caused the floods on January 8 and 9 but said that there were no critical spots in the areas.

The emergency was declared in several places in southern Serbia, including Nis, where the rainfall turbid the water sources.

The Nis Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, however, said the water was safe for drinking.


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